Dental aesthetics

We provide aesthetical dental care without anesthesia, and without dental destruction. Healthy teeth may present disharmonies for your aesthetics and your relational comfort. Our non-invasive approach will provide you with your ideal smile, without damage to your teeth.

Common aesthetical issues:

> Gingival retraction - the roots of your teeth are visible. > Tooth decay has superficially damaged one tooth or more. > Teeth size and/or shape are no longer aesthetic. > One of your teeth has been broken due to a fall .> Part of your tooth crumbled or was chipped.> Local tooth enamel discoloration.> Dental discoloration caused by certain foods or medical treatments.

Dental Veneers

Aesthetical issues can be now solved without any risk for the health of your teeth.

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Teeth whitening

Des dents blanches pour un sourire lumineux.

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Invisalign GO

Invisible device for a smile which is even more visible.

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