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Welcome to the website of Dr Chrétien Franceschini's dental office, located in the XVIth district of Paris.

"I wanted to create this website for my patients to get the most possible access to information and awareness about their dental care.

Since I was a little girl, I faced important dental problems. Every week, I used to go to dentists, orthodontists, stomatologists offices, and eventually I ended up at the maxillofacial surgeon's office.

All of that, just to have a beautiful smile. As it was possible for me, I will endeavor myself for it to be possible for you.

Over the years, I have specialized in dental aesthetics. Each person is unique, each face is unique, and what matters to me is for each smile to remain unique.

With our highly customized approach and ultra-thin veneers, your smile will be restored according to your personality in two to three sessions only, without any damage to your teeth and without anesthesia."

Dr. Marie H. Chretien Franceschini


Our office is open Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

To plan an estheatic consult or a dental checkup, please request an appointment through our website or call our office: +33 1 55 07 7000

Dr Chrétien-Franceschini also offers Skype consults.


Before your first appointment, please complete the medical questionnaire at home (male or female) to avoid doing it on the spot:


    Medical Questionnaire for Men

    Medical Questionnaire for Women


Dr Chrétien-Franceschini's dental office offers the following services:


En 2020, même masqués, nous avons gardé le sourire…

L'année vient de s'écouler au gré des aléas qui nous ont permis de nous dépasser collectivement et individuellement.

Nous tenons particulièrement à remercier la confiance et la compréhension qui ont été la vôtre alors même que votre patience était mise à rude épreuve.

Parce que nous ré-apprendrons à tomber les masques, c'est avec joie que nous vous retrouverons en 2021 pour prendre soin de vous et de votre sourire.

Toute l’équipe du cabinet dentaire vous souhaite de jolies fêtes de fin d’année.